Factory reset, two or three times until magic happens

It's a cliche now but turning it off and on again actually works. It's that one magical line that can fix so many of the IT departments problems. Usually, it's just a quicker way to get shit working without teaching users "technical techniques" like restart a service.

Out of all the phones in the world, I had to buy a Samsung

About x months ago I got my current phone, a Samsung Galaxy S7. Not directly by choice as I wanted to test a Sony but they were fresh out. Before getting it I had an iPhone and very happy with it. Before that I had an S3 which I only had for two months before switching it out due to me wanting to set it on fire and before that I had another iPhone for several years. Basically, my views on Samsung phones are that it's shit. Every time I've had one of these they've been horrible.

But I needed a need phone and ended up with another Samsung. Since everyone is using it it kinda had to be good now, right? Not at all.

So fucking annoying

Walking to work takes about 25 minutes and I had to get my phone out and unlock it for Spotify to understand that it's online and can play music. Facebook Messenger wouldn't send anything at times unless I disconnected and reconnected to the internet because it thought that I was offline. This might not seem like much but when living with it, it gets really annoying.

I updated the phone, the apps and factory reset twice but no. Did not work at all. After a while I went to the store to complain and they told me that they had to send in the phone and it would take about two weeks for me to get it back. Which probably would end up in me getting a new phone anyway so that annoyed the hell out of me as well.

After giving the phone about 2-3 weeks more to magically start working I give up and I start getting it ready to send it to strangers.

Somehow.. I fixed it?

You never know what kind of people will end up working on your device so I naturally do another factory reset (so that the technician don't get access to all my nude pictures), start up Spotify to make sure the problem persist and Spotify ran for 1 hour straight without missing a beat. What, the, actual, fuck?

There shouldn't be any reason for it to work this time. It's not like I factory reset it differently or downloaded a newer version of Android or Spotify but now the phone works perfectly. It's actually the best experience I've had with Android since, forever!

Next time I'm not going for a Samsung but there's a big chance I might go for Android now that I'm getting a fair shot at it.

PS: Fuck Samsung
PPS: It's probably not anyone's fault but still, fuck Samsung.

Roberth Strand

Working in IT as a Windows Sysadmin working on security, Office 365, and a lot more. Lately, I've been having fun program and creating tools.. Also active with the Norwegian Humanist Association.


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