More personal blogs?

Either I won't update this blog at all, or I will start doing more personal updates.. I think the later will help keep me busy but I'm not sure if people are willing to read it.

I have plenty of articles halfway written but I guess I have problems finishing them. I am a perfectionist in that sense and it's never done. The easiest to finish are the personal ones as there's no fact checking and doing test to see if things work. As soon as I write something technical I want to be sure that it actually works.

There's a lot of stuff happening in my life that is worthy of blogging like my weightloss and training, learning to code and my work as a sysadmin. I want to write about securing systems as well as great ways to improve your deadlift.

Anyone know of any communities that do blogging, let me know as I'm interested in seeing what everyone else does.

Roberth Strand

Working in IT as a Windows Sysadmin working on security, Office 365, and a lot more. Lately, I've been having fun program and creating tools.. Also active with the Norwegian Humanist Association.


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