This is I, Roberth...

Hello there! Nice of you to drop by. My name is Roberth and this is my little blog. I have several websites and blogs but this one will focus on technology, netsec and other topics that may or may not be sysadmin related.

We'll be discussing Metasploit, Linux, Windows server, Office 365 and even printers. If I come across a solution to a problem I will try to blog about it and hopefully it will help you get your shit done faster. I like to get shit done fast. Also, I like writing about stuff that might come up again so that I don't have to remember how to do stuff.

This blog is built on Ghost and is hosted on Digitalocean. The SSL comes from Let's Encrypt, a project I highly endorse as it helps us make the internet a safer place.

There will be more content here after a while and be sure to subscribe to the blog to get more awesome (or not) content. I don't mind if you stalk me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. You can even follow me on Snapchat if you like.